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    Chantal and Dominique - Let me know you are okay and that you aren't offended by my lost post. I am thinking of you and if you get time l wrote a verse that you might like. Not my words but my favourite saying of all times. Sincerely yours Wendy


    Reply from johnniehall:

    Hello Wendy,
    At last (shame on me really and no excuses!!!) I reply to your kind words. Well, the least I can say is that my life is in a turmoil at the moment and that the future is quite uncertain...I would like to be be more specific but to give the right picture and necessary perspective to understand what has happened to me and how I try to deal with it would take pages and pages I am afraid. Of course it has to do with love and it has taken me by surprise as in k.d's song, ( but then doesn't it always happen this way?) . Will tell you more as events develop but privately as I don't want to say more on the board than I have already done and with very good reasons I can assure you! I hope you and yours are well.
    Much love to you dear fellow fan.
    p.s. this evening she will be singing for President Obama and tomorrow I would normally be attending this Staten Island concert with Caz, Harley Girl, Manon, Lariat Angel and Cora. I am as you can imagine very sorry to miss this occasion to meet them all. However, I think it was better to save as much money as I can to go to Sweden and finally meet my love... All the rest depends on that meeting of course.

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    Hello Chantal - nice to see you here maybe I'll get clever and actually post some commentsimage

    Sue x


    Reply from johnniehall:

    Yes, glad to see you here too,
    will try hard to improve my profile with a few photos. Some people have beautiful pages here. If you have a minute look at the one that Fruitcake has. Pure beauty!
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    Hello Johnny Hall, so nice we'refiguring out how to find each other.


    Reply from johnniehall:

    Hello Diane,
    Very happy to be here too. Although I have so much to learn and so little time to do it.